Skymonkeyyys doin‘ BERLIN

The SKYMONKEYYYs in Berlin / Finow Airport Party with Road Runner Event, ODR Beitrag von Jan Mader, die Skymonkeyyys sind im Fernsehn!

First they took Manhattan, now they take Berlin –
Die Skymonkeyyys fliegen nach Berlin zu Bernie und Holger von
KAPI electronics und dem MIG-21 Simulator Training, ausserdem Kaffee und Kuchen, Mördermaus, DDR Truck und jede Menge MännerSpass zum Beispiel das Roadrunner Festival undsoweiter..

The Skymonkeyyys of Division Flyyy celebrating 15th anniversary!
All footage has been filmed under controlled conditions!
And dunno 4get: Republic Drive®, Skymonkeyyys® & Division Flyyy® always create funny movies which is not necessarily a documentary of reality! Anyway, these are pros, don’t try @ home!
Skymonkeyyys never violate federal laws..!

All glory2theLORDjesus!

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